Snippets" From "Oldlancsmans" Diary, Part Five.

Neighbours,  The neghbours we had were a mixed lot, but we all looked out for one another,if one person fell ill,they had no shortage of well wishers,and somebody's son or daughter would be sent round to see if they wanted anything from the shop'and if any choirs needed to be done.a hot-pot or a broth.would be taken to them ,they were the salt of the earth,  i miss them all,,  each and every one of them we knew by name, sadly this is no more,today,if you were talking about a neighbour,your most likely to say,her who lives next door to the pub, or him with the dog. the chances are you would'nt know too many by there name,  We used to listen to the kids playing there games in the street,   ,they skipped,and did some very complex moves as well, and the lads played marbles,  the girls formed a circle and went round and round, singing  " ring o ring o roses", its been a long time since our streets echo,d that nastolgic song, when did you last see a child pushing her pram with her doll tucked up inside  ?,  All the cobbles in the streets had the joints filled in with liquid tar, which was applied when the tar was in moulten form,and set when it had cooled down, when the day was warm the tar became soft again,as the streets were our playground, it was inevitable that at sometime or another we would come in contact with the tar,which stuck like glue, if it got into your hair,it had to be cut out, if it got onto your clothes,the item of clothing had to be thrown away, when it got onto your skin,mum used to put margerine,on it and rub  vigourously,until it was removed,   talking of margerine mum used it on lumps and bumps,scratches and scrapes;it certainly worked wonders,     Most weekends mum used to purchase a sheepshead,from the local butcher,the eyes were thrown away,and the brain was put into a muslin bag, the head was placed into a large pan and boiled until all the meat fell off,carrots and potatoes,onion was also added,and the brain was also placed into the pan,dad ate this with a little salt and pepper,he could,nt get enough of it,   the modern day reader, may find this abhorent, but don,t knock it dear reader this  kind of grub fed many a belly we also had, pigs feet, trotters, tripe ( the belly lining of a cow ), elder, ( the udder of the cow,)  the list goes on,    to be cont,.............

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