To My Body-Consciousness (Subconscious Mind)

To this body-consciousness — I am in awe of you.
For we are in tandem, through blinding white and deep blue.
Only in cooperation, can we be steered true.
For this, I must listen to you.

With deep reverence, I have only solemn respect.
You live in grace; but I, in fast-pace.
‘Tis now time to share like dialect.
Time for me now, to look you in the face.

To some you are considered unconscious,
But know that I see you above this.
You are not just a brother,
But instead my equal other.

In deep calm, and relaxed mindset;
I am the captain — you are the ship.
In deep qualm, and taxed blind-set:
You are the Kaiten; I am the whip.

◄ Shit Leaves at 9:30

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