Hollow Planet

I exist in a place
Where God himself
Would become neurotic.

Skin torn from mental fallacy.
Eyes blinded by self deception.
There is no question of faith.
So don’t question me.

You’re not strong for being here — 
Look where you want;
We’re all dead.
I could not care less for your disbelief.

To be here,
Is to be alone.
Nothing is interested
In what you have to say.

I want you all gone.
I want you, all gone.
Leave me in silence.
That’s all there needs to be.

No more you;
No more me.

Exclaim your nonsense to the void.
Realise your inadequacy.
Keep your surprise to yourself;
I don’t owe you a thing.

You are far from rational;
You are far from complete.
We are all obsolete. 

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Paul Sayer

Wed 17th Jun 2020 16:03

Thank you for such a grand comment Adam.

You will go far with an imagination such as you have found in your written work.

Keep writing!

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Wed 17th Jun 2020 14:06

You are truly a creative genius, Po. Thank you for your comment.

Thank you too Cynthia; I certainly find pleasure in being able to practice while trying to find my voice.

All the best.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 17th Jun 2020 11:40

A fine command of language. It must give you much pleasure.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 17th Jun 2020 11:27

This has a ring to it... Like the Moon!

Empty vessels make the most noise.

You make a difference.

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