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24 year old Australian looking for a suitable place to archive his somewhat regular and somewhat poetic outpour. What I write is only ever intended to be read by myself and is rarely considered final nor appropriate for the feelings from which they come. They are written moreso as to not be lost. I suppose I've chosen to post what I write in a public place like this because I'm interested to know if I have any potential in this form. And then, what can I do about it? Even if not, I find that writing in a loose "poetic?" way is very enjoyable and healing. So I welcome all criticism and even light hearted comments; all are appreciated just the same. It's very heartwarming to see the active and healthy community that exists on this website. A safe haven for everyone interested in the art. 😀

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 18th Jun 2020 18:02

Adam thank you for your kind comments on my poems.

You have a great talent and at some point I am certain you will reach a much wider audience.

You like me, are here for the art!
AND the healing!

Keep writing
Keep reading
Keep posting

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Wed 17th Jun 2020 15:25

Thank you very much Cynthia 😃 it means no less.

As for the picture, that makes me laugh. Originally I'd uploaded a very clear image of my face, and as my published pieces became what they were, it felt wrong to have myself so clearly visible. Barely dedicating energy to it, I scribbled over it with random colours and effects until I felt you couldn't tell what I looked like any more.

The colours don't go together at all and it is one of the most imperfect images I could possibly upload. It ended up staying up because I hated it so much and felt it could help me in letting go of my habit of caring too much about how others perceived me.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 17th Jun 2020 11:43

I also welcome you. Sorry it's a bit delayed. Any chance you might tell us about the picture above?


Mon 30th Dec 2019 23:37

Here in the States
there are always news stories about
people finding babies in dumpsters
it is not common but on the other hand
it is not rare.
People are too stupid to use birth control!

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Brian Maryon

Mon 30th Dec 2019 10:30

Thanks Adam for your likes for Raiman and Civilian's Perspective.

Hope you're a sensible Aussie...we've already got a silly one!


Mon 30th Dec 2019 06:09

Hope you have a wonderful time here!!

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Sun 29th Dec 2019 18:27

Thank you very much, it's very nice to see someone so welcoming to new members. I've only been on here for a short time and already I've read many fantastic and inspiring pieces. Now wishing I'd looked for poetry blogs sooner. Thanks again.


Sun 29th Dec 2019 07:46

Welcome to WOL!! Hope you have a good time here with other poets. Would be a pleasure reading more of your works.

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