The Color on the Walls

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There are 4 sides, 4 different stories in one room, Unified by paint, Please listen to our untold stories, Bask in this vital passage, There's always a pathway, Glass windows, Ceiling fan, 4 walls, What's in this room, The wall has a new color, Which color describes your vibe? It works out when I fail to hear my heart, Retrace your steps, Consider what you can't find often, The wind grazed the chime bell,1 color for 4 walls, Pardon my clairvoyance, Lets really all tap in, I marvel at the fact that the painter can't decide on a coat, Absorb the light, And analyze the darkness, Contrast seems to be the foundation, Now they are watching through the peephole, I will assert my vision, A man with a plan owns power, How long will it take to paint? What shall the new color be? Unconventional, Suspenseful expression, Find your heart, You may feel as if you don't belong, Each corner keeps you connected, Please don't spill any paint on the floor, The battles in my life I explore, You couldn't understand Chad Tours, The answer is in the color, Over the nest, The birds will hover, Somedays we are are trapped behind our minds, Overwhelmed in an unstable realm, Sing along with the vesper Sparrow, What color should I paint the walls? Or is the original paint okay? Idk I guess we'll never change the paint. 

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