"Purple kite"

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I miss your guidance, mix effort with direction, I will heal my worries, Take flight like a beautiful  purple kite, Clouds store souls, The product of the sun and the moon, Where else are we headed ? Rejoice! The fruit is ripe, The essay is typed, The kite is on a single string, Loving but living wild, What made you want to listen to me? Let's take a look at synchronicity, From the teachings of Marcus Garvey, The same affectionate energy as Maya angelou, Purple kite, I seek direction, We seek direction, The un-common internal reflection, The mess that ain't mentioned, An authentic ghetto boy who lost and found his joy, Insecure because of stereotypes, All along my DNA was golden, I cherish my specific special powers, Be kind to the sky, Coming up with a plan means nothing if you don't try, You get to choose to believe the lie, The longest race ends with the sweetest pie, Tonight the haters are incognito, yes I'm shore like a Segal, Prosper with your potential, Fill your book up with words, Let your light be the answer, My talent was good enough, I'm flying high, I'm flying high, I am The purple kite. 

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