Love can you imagine

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What I think, What I see, my futuristic ideologies, Hear the color, See the sound, Soul nurturing, Love as you imagined, If you jump ship you will never become the captain, Fear can hold you captive, Be progressive and adaptive, Identify your love and certify your passion, Secure that imagination you had at the playground, We all miss recess, The root is in the soil, Project the ultralight, Righteously appreciating, I love everything about myself, The binoculars were useless, Rollercoaster luxury, Life is supposed to be how you want it to be, You can't avoid the long lines, We'll get there soon, love is luck my heart gets stuck, I've made some brave decisions, Imagine the love I pictured, Flower beds met by scattered showers, My motivation comes and leaves, The precious light the starshine delight When we witness glory we can make a better story, Im getting familiar with consideration, What can I do for you? But first I have to take care of me, Trust have faith I do it vulnerably, The biggest issues comes from lack of compassion, Can you imagine, Imagine, imagine love.

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