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The mud is here, The mud is here, I was found drowning in the fog, The odds stacked against us, I don't want to meet Angelina she so maleficient, Build up the haystack, We go way back,  Something you can release but you won't ever get back, The heart is harmonious, I picked her from a dream, We can agree on being aberrant, Why was love founded in Paris? Now let's discover the antidote, Include me in the avant-garde, The truth's hard, The lie is nice and easy, I was the needle, Her love was the haystack, Lost in straw, Life stood still, The broken carousel, hay stacked in piles. horses eating their grass, The farmer has his reasons, When the sun dims the knight gets to tell the king his story, I made it across the frozen lake, Wherever I go I express alacrity, What I know is considered arcane, The loveliest views in the Utah state, Your approach is callous, I defer from malice, The odds been stacked against us, Since way back, We got to let that haystack, The dying grass is asking where's the rain at, Michael needs time for his self, Strategy in the light, One way you're wrong, One day you're right, Our effortless synchronicity, Recognize the divine, You always will feel pressure, I was so hurt on the countryside, Fake gold in the treasure chest, Life is a pleasant mess, Be aware some people are furtive, Deep down they're haughty, The layers are invisible, Relax when you're not wanted, Multiply compassion, I stay in a barnyard stacked, I stay in a barnyard way back, Let the hay stack.

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