"Love Tantrum"

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I found my feelings out of place because of love, Where does this thing come from, Terrified of a dream, Don't anticipate your nightmare, The flame will always burn out the candle, They won't comprehend our core connection, I tend to attract the wrong affection, The air in my ballon, Love can get mad and mad can get love, Undeniable pathways, The not so complex labyrinth, How was I found, Subconsciously we love out of anger, The love tantrum exist, The wind whistled and went, The rhyme or reason tandem, Rolling down the hill, Our initials are carved in the tree still, Loud expression, Experience this unorthodox voyage, Unified ambition, Mad love for what it is, Don't quote me on that sometimes I'm not right, The imperfect mike, I know someplace  where the sun glimmers, Let the clouds evaporate, Elevation comes with understanding, Me and my darling its poetry in motion, Profound admiration and devotion, Don't neglect the final moon, Werewolf chronicles, Expect a spontaneous mess, When you love her you're at your very best, Lets stick to the quest, Evaluate your reasons, make sure it is for certain, Now watch how we merge into the stratoshpere, Most times we sit down and rewind those images, Depression is the kryptonite to your agenda, I can completely resonate, I don't always feel great, Communicate with grace, Understand and read intentions, The road to longevity is a difficult route but on this side of the road I'm the tallest sunflower that decided to sprout, Figure out the origin of your passion, Just two compatible souls with high expectations and goals, You knew me before it all, The whole month of September isn't fall, It makes me glad, it makes me glad. 

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