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 What does it mean to lead? You might wonder but I won't, A true natural I was chosen, I choose myself, I stand on my truth like a tri-level podium, Golden DNA, Imperfect but the will to keep on going, Lead do not follow, Learn from those going in the same direction, Don't mistake a bellwether for a dictator, Justice is my foundation, Equity is key, When I acquire knowledge it is my duty to share it, But when I'm talking I don't want them looking at me like a parrot, No choice but to trailblaze your path, when you're the director you gotta know your cast, Make the good times last, Mistakes are earned from your past, Yeah I'm a taciturn alpha, I need to try my feet can fly, When you practice there ain't no surprise, Keep your faith and rise, Be an honorable leader, An expectation exceeder, The long night reader, Feed into your imagination, Frustration is because of lack of patience, Go ahead and love yourself, Spread the message even when no one cares.

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