The Time I forgot my plants name


Was it?

Oh my

What can I say

To my amazement

I had forgotten the name

Of my money plant 

I watered her

Sometimes I would forget to, though

Like I would 'forget' to put a fresh candle on my altar

Or provide them with agua fresca

Thank you for staying loyal eggun

I had honestly forgotten her name

Olivia was it?


No it isn't Olivia

I scolded myself

She's so beautiful though

She's blossomed in such lovey ways

She went from bald and brown on top after her move

To a lucious green mane full of entirety and nourishment

Her leaves even secrete dew

Oozing sweet clear nectar


She is apart of me

That I had long forgotten


Her name is Amelia

Amelia is her name

Como te llama, Mama?


It is

She has taught me a very valuable lesson


Money couldn't buy the wisdom

That she has imbued into my life

She also has healed a mother wound

For the times when my mother

Would forget my name

Death to the Narcissist

Welcome to the Aquairian Age


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