I dance for the children of the world

I dance for the children of the world

I shake my ass for Mama Gaia

I jirate my hips for Oshun

I caress my breasts for Yemaya

Fertile rivers run and reside within my womb

You raped and tortured my sisters

Harassed and killed my brothers

In order to feed your selfish demons

So why I shake my ass I'll give you many, many reasons

I do it to activate my root chakra

I do it in order to cleanse my soul

I dance to free my being peacefully

From these self imprisoned rabbit holes

Mental warfare

You teach me that fear is a prison

To war within myself against my people

Nah fuck that

My soul has arisen

We above that

Let's switch the narrative

I'll give you reasons as to why I DON'T shake my ass

I DON'T shake my ass to make your dick hard

I DON'T do it to please you 

My life is already hard enough boo boo

Excuse you! 

Take several seats

Objectify me like a possession

Shame my body for being as God intended

She does not make any mistakes

How I move is entirely up to my discretion

You have no ruling here

Your judgment is not needed

For without your existence

I would still proceed to 


I don't shake my ass for your entertainment

But since we on the subject 

I got bills that need to be paid

So if you gonna stand there and stare

You might as well put some

Motherfucking money in my pocket papi

Watch me 

Fuck you pay me type of vibe

This world created a monster

I embody my being completely

Even the chaotic parts of me

For the children that will not

Be released from their cages

Fuck your Uncle Sam looking ass

And your minimum wages

They will never amount to the

Riches buried deep within my soul

If my sexuality makes you uncomfortable 

To the point that you feel you need to control me

I feel sorry for you

Cause I may be shy but I am not nice

And my people dont play about me

Mafefurun Eggun

Mafefurun Eleggua 

Mafefurun Oshun

Mafefurun Yemaya

I don't shake my ass for you

I shake my ass for me

I don't exist for or because of you

I AM because GOD is

I liberate myself sexually and spiritually

For the children whose innocence

Is imprisoned, sacraficed and exploited upon

Each and every day

In America

800,000 children go missing

Every year

But you're worried about me!

Shaking my ass!

I dance because I have the choice to

I free myself for the children that cannot

Why I do my sacred dance is personal

And it doesn't have a fucking thing to do with you

Death to the narcissist



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Shifa Maqba

Thu 13th Aug 2020 19:28

More power and light to you!

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