A One Night stand with the Royal Knight of Darkness

And then all of a sudden

I found myself 

Consumed by your energy

You had found me 

Non chalantly 

Like it was just another day

Another night

Just like all the rest

But deeply pained 

Alas was I

From all of the other non chalant Knights

You did not feel for life as deeply

As I could have yearned for

For you were me

And I am you, before

But now we are cold and selfish

But yet again isn't it written?

Cold and alone to mask 

The lost and afraid

When really all they want

Is warmth and comfort

Emotional fullfillment

As I look to you for answers of purity

But all I hear is nonchalant pain

All I touch is a body that is warm

Yet a mind that is cold

And a heart that is dark

And yet the darkness is familiarity 

The synchronicity 

Is what I am fond of 

That is what I yearn for

For someone to see me too

I want to heal the pain that resides inside of you

And that same pain also dwells inside of me

For I am you and you are me

But I am assuming at best

For I never asked you 


I just come to your door

Take off my clothes

And lay in your bed

All of these questions

All of these things

They remain inside of my head

They are entangled inside of the web

Of perplexity

I have never told you how I felt

For I know you will not care

The one night stand

With darkness

Death to the narcissist 



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Martin Elder

Fri 14th Aug 2020 23:18

Very cleverly written Lola. Love it

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Paul Sayer

Fri 14th Aug 2020 18:54

Superbly written and executed


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