Hope for another shot at life

Shot after shot,
you miss your own heart.
Trying to end it all,
just because of one missed call.
Your life is worth so much more,
it's not worth giving up because of that stupid old bore.
Don't you know,
he is a man-whore,
he is not someone you should adore.
Open your eyes,
and look around,
you'll miss the fun,
and I'll miss your beauty.
When everything is done,
you'll be praised like a swan.


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kishore karunik

Wed 8th Feb 2017 04:22

long ago



Tue 7th Feb 2017 23:04

long ago
in a land far away...

I had a girlfriend like this
who complained so much
that this or that one
didn't love her enough

I tried to make her understand
in the most loving way I could
that it was she, herself
who didn't love her...


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