Feeling like Butters after the break up (sad yet happy that it happened)

First time,
February was just fine,
although I was walking on thin lines,
never had the doubt that you weren't mine.
Then the first Saturday came,
our sanities were the ones that remain,
something so plain,
brought us joy,
one sentence only comes to mind,
nothing will ever ruin this.

Yeah, the week went by,
never believed that time can fly,
but here we are,
another Saturday,
and you are not the same.
Your confidence, gone,
smile all done,
and you just couldn't wait for us to go home.

Partially sad,
yet I'm glad that I have you, somewhat,
didn't think that I was gonna make it,
but the sixth day came for the third time,
and you told me you were fine with being just mine.
Another week filled with fun things,
dates lasting through the days,
eyes sparking up just like in the old days,
going back to our old ways,
nothing can ever ruin this.

Or so I thought,
for when the next one came,
you told me this was just a game,
and that you didn't feel the way you said you did.
You wanted to go back,
just seeing what the future had prepared,
without a connection.
So there I was,
ripped pants, cold handed,
heart broken, yet not showin'.
I said fuck it,
gonna wait for the Saturday,
and end it forever.

Bloody mess I created,
gotta tell you to stop,
when I can't do that.
I still care about you,
but I gotta start taking care of myself.
Maybe one day,
nothing will be able to ruin what we were supposed to have.
Maybe one day,
nothing will be able to ruin what I'll have, alone.

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