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I am an 19 year old philosophy student from Skopje, Macedonia. I started writing when I was 15 and usually my poetry and short stories are about events and people from my life.


The way you express yourself, through suicidal songs, brings a tear to my eye, and tores out my heart. You speak as you are ready to go, wanting to leave us behind, with our memories of your sadness and fake smiles. The pain you've experienced, it is like no other, and you should know that you'll never be a bother. Every time I try to help, every time I try to be there, I end up hurting you. Can't even take your mind off of your troubles, somehow I always manage to pop your safe bubble. Instead of helping I ask you questions, making you think of life and it's darkness, I ask questions I should have never mentioned. No help ever came from me, slowly I caused more pain and harm than I ever prevented. Unaware I push you to your limits, not knowing that you are near the end. As I continue doing so you pretend as if everything is fine, trying to prove me wrong hoping I won't see through your white lies, but I suffer as much as you do therefore I know what you are going through, or at least I think I do. My selfishness doesn't let me help you, nor will I ever be able to. I always apologize but then I go back doing what I already did, harming you over and over. Time after time your songs send a chill down my bones, once again you hurt, once more I caused it. The suicidal thoughts never leave your head, leaving you wondering about your deathbed, wanting all of this to end. You've never killed anyone, that's what you said, but you are slowly taking your life away, turning yourself into clay, slowly breaking. What beauty, you are breathtaking. I also have a blog where I post my poems

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