World based on lies is not what we enjoy

Why are we such cowards,
afraid to admit our feelings,
or just to say what's on our minds.

Why do we keep hiding behind masks
thinking that we are protecting the future,
always ending up as our dream's butcher.

How are we not tired of telling lies,
running off in secret playing spies,
to end up finding that love is what everyone wants before they die.

Mutual feelings are real,
we shouldn't be afraid to admit our love,
it's better to be rejected than to run away,
after all life is in our sway.

I can't believe how frequently we ruin something beautiful,
just because of our fears,
just because of our selves,
only to end up blaming others.


Your beauty behind my eyes ►


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Thu 8th Dec 2016 14:04

I agree Emer, but I also think that we are much better than that. We are the only rational living beings yet we still act so irrational.

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Emer Ni Chorra

Wed 7th Dec 2016 21:19

Because we like to starve our souls and feed our ego instead. Humans are silly.😆😔😢😄

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Wed 7th Dec 2016 20:48

Very good😀

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