Wigan's Diversity

An ambiguous, aristocratic, Albanian albino-acrobatic-artist ambled aimlessly along Amberswood, apparently aggravated, albeit assertive and asking awkwardly about accumulating anaerobic activity adjacent active anthills around acutely acidic areas; but behold - beautiful, brassy, bohemian, Bickershaw-Brazilian, Beatrice blabbered bountiful bunkum, boldly bickering, beckoning bystanders, besides bellowing blasphemies; brutally belittling busybodies. Conversely, cool, crafty, calculated Carol carefully cooperated: cautioning critics, creating confusion - cleverly causing clamorous chaotic commotion... clearly capturing common conviction. Desperately, dependable Dave, deliberately deviated, decidedly delineating drafted diagrams depicting deleterious discrepancies, despite dodging doubting dreadful disagreement. Even Eric eventually, eminently, envisaged eventualities, encapsulating exotic eloquent entities, essentially exposing earthy extremities, eagerly emancipating enslaved expatriates, even expecting equity; fruitlessly, forgetting feisty Fiona frolicking fervently, firmly facing foul flatulence, friskily flouncing fragmented frivolities for fortune. Gradually, gorgeous, gregarious Gertrude generated great groundbreaking goals, generously gesticulating genuine gratitude. However, handsome Hindley-born horticulturist Harry, heavily hallucinating, hesitantly hired hyperactive, harnessed, hybrid horses, haughtily harassing humiliated hoax heathens. Incidentally, irresistible Iranian icon – Ibrahim, insinuated insubordination, instantly inciting inevitable incidents involving irresponsible, irate, incoherent imbeciles in Ince, including Jovial, juvenile Jenny, jealously jesting, justifiably juggling jotted journals. Keenly, kindly, kooky Kenyan-Kevin’s kinetic kaleidoscope kidnapped kinky kaftan kleptomaniacs. Lucid, long-legged Laura lustily laughed loudly, lovingly lighting little luminous lanterns, lazily learning logical Latvian languages, leaving local legacies, lying loosely lost. Meanwhile, mad Mauritanian-Maurice mightily masqueraded menacingly, making monstrous manic manoeuvres; moreover - monotonous melancholy multiplied, manufacturing mild melodramatic masochism. Notably, near Newtown, naughty Norma nestled nervously, near nauseous Norwegian Nationalist novelists, narrating nice nutritious necessities; nothing negative – numerically noting nutrients. Originally of Orrell, outspoken Oscar offered ominous overrated oratories, obviously overreacting, occasionally ordering outrageous offensive obscenities, outlining odious ornamentation. Peter politely participated, perhaps pedantically, precariously predicting premeditated paraphernalia, possibly promoting Poolstock paranoia. Quite quintessentially, Quaker Quasimodo quietly quelled questions, quickly querying quirky quarrelling quartermasters. Restlessly, radical Rupert raged, regarding ruthless renegades, repeatedly reshaping reason, relinquishing restless refugees rather ruthlessly. So, Shevington's stuffy, sanctimonious Stephen somehow stifled symposium, suggesting sub-titled sympathetic speeches, systematically securing sanity. Tauntingly, tantalisingly, Trisha tried to tease, tormenting tired troubadours, telling talkative troubled teenagers to try tasting today's toasted, treacle-topped truffles. Unfortunately, Uphollander Ulrich understood unusual utterances, undeniably underestimating unforeseen urban utopias. Vehemently, vibrantly, Vera vigorously vanquished very violent vagabonds, vaguely vexed, vacantly viewing vintage videos… while Wiganer, Wanda wholeheartedly waited woefully, wanting willpower, working wearily whilst Xanthocroic xenobiologist, Xavier xerographed xylophones... yet youthful Yolanda’s yacht zoomed zanily zigzag, zealously zoning zest.

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J R Harris

Sun 12th Aug 2018 18:07

Many, many thanks everyone for your encouraging words. Greatly appreciated. This offering has been a very long time in working, adjusting, re-adjusting, reworking, scrapping segments, giving up, returning briefly, returning again.... probably the most difficult scribbling to date!

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Rose Casserley

Sat 11th Aug 2018 09:39

A! Bloody Brill-Be C'ing you!

(she collects her coat)

Rose ?

Big Sal

Fri 10th Aug 2018 14:34

Very well done on this alliterative piece. I like the 'Qs', 'Vs', and the 'Bs'. The entire piece is interesting from start to finish.?

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Don Matthews

Fri 10th Aug 2018 14:02

Shit Brian! Do you really wanna delve deeper into this?

I think our voluptuous lovelies Tina and Gina have been giving JR ideas. How's this for feisty stuff?

'feisty Fiona frolicking fervently'
'teasing taunting Trisha'
'naughty Norma nestled'

The mind boggles...?

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Don Matthews

Fri 10th Aug 2018 13:48

Brian - why didn't this man come forward and pit his Poe-etic talent at the Great Alliteration Contest? He would have swept us mere mortals under the carpet.

Tell you what, even Al would be struggling here. ?

Seriously JR, you have spent a lot of time painting this picture with meaning to it. Well done.

<Deleted User> (18980)

Fri 10th Aug 2018 12:54

JR - I can appreciate the amount of time this must have taken and will respect it by reading it in full later when I have the time. Well done.

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