Garden Sin City

In 'pound' emporiums

and slightly more

upgraded enterprises

there can be found

all manner of

garden embellishment


here in garden sin city

price palpably

provokes purchasers

to lose all respect

to lose all taste

where thrift is queen


here punters peruse

plentiful unsavoury        

gaudy garden gimmicks

crude plastic knick-knacks

pretending to proffer

the wow factor


in actuality these

economical artefacts

are detrimental

to  the garden

where they strive

to compete with flora


pitifully they sell

like stale hot cakes

as the emporium's flora

falters and fails

sad in the foyer

un-watered, unloved...

◄ Flowers for Grandma

Look What They’ve Done to My Town Ma (Homage or apology to Melanie Safka) ►


Big Sal

Sat 12th Jan 2019 02:19

Last stanza is great.?

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J R Harris

Fri 17th Aug 2018 15:45

Don - this is a wonderful and an appreciated tribute. I'm happy that there are people out there like yourself who recognise our fateful detachment from nature .. where many still favour the fabricated reality. Great words Don. ?

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Don Matthews

Fri 17th Aug 2018 14:22

JR has inspired the following

Synth plastic flowers
Snapped up 'cause cheap
Makes my heart weary
Makes my eyes weep

Real flowers wilting
Neglected, unbought
Where's society headed?
Where have we been caught?

Op'e eyes to nature
Around you abounds
Restore appreciation
For what lies around

Why have you lost contact
With nature and you
Leave Garden Sin City
With new point of view

DM ?

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