The Useful

The useful congregate,

Celestial sheets and wondrous wool pulled over

Eyes, unblinking, laws laid down,

Inhibit all but their makers,

Seeking tired sayings,

Retiring recitations,

Of odd utterences


Guests invited in,

With open jaws and tainted chalices,

Smile, before going for each other's throats,

The etiquette is flawless,

But no one is fooled,

Every hand of parlor tricks,

Likely to produce a knife


Intrigue is the watchword,

Yet apathy rules, so 

The killings are so widespread,

Those present, unaffected as those who have,

Only read of such occurences,

Everybody knows,

But heaven only knows,

If there's someone unbound.


A love affair has broken down,

To a stress-relief session, 

The couple glance,

But soon leave, for good, 

pragmatism as strength,

Involvements as vulnerabilities,

When did this happen?

Who really knows?


The maniacs marvel,

For all seems the more familiar,

Unintelligable gaggles gather,

Swarm, in vengance, upon sanity,

With thatcherite snobbery,

They attempt to justify their cause,

The fact remains; that their reasons make no difference.

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Elaine Booth

Tue 18th Jan 2011 19:17

Another great poem, for me. On to the next now!

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sat 8th Jan 2011 19:54

your fantastic work always blows me away Josh-a very much enjoyed poem-thanks-regards-Stefan.

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