Here's to anyone who has been asked for their thoughts, 

And not let their words entomb their audience's spirit, 

Like the ash of Vesuvius, 

For all, I'd wager; thoughts form a chaotic array, 

Ranging subject, tone and even imagery or music,

In simultaneous appearance. 


Forming riotous conundrums on seas of deceptive simplicity, 

Allowing the stark contrast of notions that are mutually exclusive, 

To dawn and develop into the entangled ensemble, 

Splendid and terrible, across the Earth, 

The nonsensical nature of all thoughts is felt,

Through motley, ever changing attitudes and whims.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 11th Dec 2013 13:00

Well put, classily considered. I couldn't agree more with your premise/s. It took three readings before I settled in to the ideas expressed because they are a 'mouthful' (as 'thoughts' themselves most definitely are.) Check your last stanza for a spelling/computer glitch. Great to see you on line again. I actually thought of you a couple of weeks ago, wondering where you might be. Compliments of the Season.

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