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Waiting for 'Big'

entry picture

Crazy feeling

I’m still alive kicking up a storm

Crash bang bitch talk

Yes oh yes

The sort of talk that I like when I have a mind

Don’t you know?


Like you didn’t know


Lay me like a blade cold as chrome

Crawdaddy kisses down my spine

They burn like ice


Mind and eye filling

Spilling over and over with stingsong

The gone wrong too ...

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Her Space

entry picture

Oh how I adore her space


With just a trace of grace and favour

Her femininity to savour


Oh how I adore her space


Her secret nook and cranny


Oh how I adore her space





Oh how I adore her space


With just a trace of lace and French silk

Her blood red nails and her thighs of milk


Oh how I adore her space


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Jake (This poem was written for a very dear friend on the loss of her true and faithful friend)

entry picture






My big golden boy

Barking at the stars


Mars a million billion light years

As my tears crystal into the cold night air

Bringing me rare moments of love and laughter

Dreaming ever after of my big golden boy


My big golden boy

Barking at the stars


Trying to catch the clouded moon

A silver balloon within a thousand l...

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Measuring The Moment ( Listening To The Seashell)

entry picture

Can you hear the nothing to nowhere wind?


Measuring a moment


Somewhere lost in the far away

The never to come or go again



Red strokes of night slash bleeding to the edge


White sands stinging


Crystal kissing


Brownest eyes and tumbling hair


Pretty toes and yellow shells


Measuring a moment



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Beneath the Umbrella Tree

entry picture








Beneath the umbrella tree

The where I am tree of who I used to be

Spreads entwined wet bright vine

Ringed by rolling rusting iron seats


Dull diesel fume from a single decker green bus

The town hall clock beats out time

Across municipal gardens and abandoned lawnmower

‘The Spurs’ cafe remains open


Wednesday aft...

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The Plate and the Spoon (FREEDOM)

entry picture

Oh! How I wish

 Said the plate to the spoon

As side by side they lay

That I could be given freedom

From bearing food

For just for one whole day


I carry their cake

Their bread and their tart

And To them it doesn’t matter

That me a little platter

Should have feelings

Of the heart


Oh! Hush you now

Sighed the silver spoon

Be st...

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Just Singing and Dancing

entry picture


What a day

What an extraordinary day

I am standing here in the rain

Tears streaming down my face

Drip drip dripping

Dropping from my chin

Soaking my beating breast

Pouring out my heart

To anyone

Who will sing and dance with me

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A Darling August

entry picture

A Darling August



Black trousers

 Green coat

She won’t be going home alone tonight






She’s a he and he is buzzing


A busy bee

A regular hive of industry

A true blue assed fly in the ointment


He’s making an appointment with destiny

A testimony to his enduring artistic bent

Primitive colours mordan...

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'The Decision' 'A Review' 'A Dramatic Comedy About a Busker' By Mia Darlone

entry picture

The bluesy trills of a clarinet were still honeycombing through my mind as  I left the wet summer’s evening to Manchester’s Jazz Festival and climbed the stone steps into the nearby Theatre Royal/ Coliseum Club. The decision was easy for me to make either I accept the kind invitation to watch Mia Darlone’s latest production  ‘The Decision’ or stay put and listen to an endless night of Jazz bene...

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Boy Meets Girl







Standing on the shoreline with a foaming bottle of ‘Cream Soda’ in one hand and a  bag of potato crisps in the other

all the while looking into the small pretty face of a girl in white plastic sunglasses

who was unyielding in her stare whilst sucking loudly on an ice lolly.

‘Where are you staying’?

Said the pretty girl her cheeks drawing...

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Stolen By The Light

entry picture

The storm had blown over the Island during the night heralding a dawn that sent white clouds spiralling up against an azure blue sky,

 like gypsy dancers in a  fairground


‘Housewife’s Choice’ drifted through from the kitchen

on the breath of hot toast and breakfast.

I could hear Shirley’s voice in time with the wireless.


Da Dada da Dada da da…daa dah



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Men Of A Certain Age

entry picture

I hate men of that certain age dressed in brown leather blousons


Faded blue jeans that cry out for an arse

Tired white trainers way past their best

I hate men of a certain age in baseball caps

Gold earrings and large sovereign rings

 Adorning black dirty fingernails bitten to the quick


I hate men of a certain age


I hate men of a certain age dreessed...

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Katie is a Barmaid

entry picture

Katie is a barmaid

She has fiery red hair and a love me only mouth

Her smiles warm like summer

Then pass

Like clouds before a rising moon


She’s over there

Just over there

I’m over here

Just over here

Drinking in wishes

Swimming in beer


She tongues pearly teeth

Hanging like a spinning spider

Upon every boorish indecipherability


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She Loved Sundays

entry picture

Taking both of my hands in hers she leaned forward

kissing me softly upon my cheek.


'I've had a really lovely day today

I love Sundays


How about you’?


I smiled a broad beaming agreement

Lying should never be easy

I'd never found it difficult, but then I was well practised.


I had always agreed.



I had always agreed.


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Pandora's Box

entry picture

Within the box

Came the light

 Spiralling into the smothering depths

 Through the sinning lullaby of siren song



An underworld

a stone cold lake

Wherein stood a castle


Wherein behind a door of yew

A library for the gods


Books and discoloured prints

 Laid scattered

All about the floor


 Small dusty web strand...

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To FarTed

entry picture

This time


Love of my life

I have had just about enough

Of your corduroyed flatulence


Perhaps it was the Eggs Benedict


The Guinness fried fish kedgeree

I suspect it just may have been

That together with the Scampi Brochette con Aglio

Not to mention

A breakfast glass of Sauternes


Will you never learn?


You pervade...

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She is just a Gypsy Girl

entry picture

She is just a bonny gypsy girl

No frills no fancy

A pretty girl

With flowers in her hair


A gypsy girl



Long legs spangle dangle

In her garnet red patent leather shoes


Shining silver buckles O



Ruby down her henna hair comes tumbling

Curling dancing



Her words



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Jack Came Dancing ( Re - Post Oct 2008)

entry picture

A hundred or so Years ago

Dark Came chancing

With a ripper's knife

Came he dancing taking life

Deftly in that midnight hour

Came the stripping

Then the ripping

Just as lightly he was flitting

Into the darkness

After slitting snow white breasts

Plump pleasuring flesh

Dr Death awaits concealing

A heart

 A womb congealing

Watching bloody 'n...

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Jack the Ripper

Culver Cliff

entry picture

Finger light


Touching pictures of sky

August sailing clouds

Tumble billowing

Chasing curtains of rain into a cresting sea


Red Clover await a salted kiss

Purple Musk

Thistle dance

Anywhere dancing

Temporal feathe...

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An Innocent Abroad ( A Soldier’s Letter to his Chaplain)

entry picture


She’s over there

I’m over here

Tell me

Where’s the sense in that

There’s never been a letter

Or a hand knitted sweater

Just a photograph of her Mother


Her poxy little brother

In the garden

Last September



My cat


While I’m overseas

She’s down there on her knees

She’s often there

I’m often here


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Claw and Bloody Nail

entry picture

I wear my Fathers temper

Like a belt

Tight about me


 Fight about me wherever I go

I wear my Father’s second sight

Looking both left and right

So that I might know just exactly

Where you have been


 Who you’ve seen


More importantly

Where all of this is leading to





The agony


Claw and blo...

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A Thousand Oceans

entry picture

I waken to the grey smear of day

How weary the wait

Chilly chatter mornings

Rolling like debt

Into never ending anywhere shrill

  To fill the longest heat of day


Like a gypsy’s promise

A kiss

Soft upon wetted breeze


The night




The night is familiar

 Like pages

Opening within a cloak of comfort

Wherein ...

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entry picture

What do you wear Claire in the morning?

What do you wear Claire last thing at night?

What do you wear Claire?


Would you dare Claire?

In your underwear Claire



Doesn’t that feel right?

Would you do it just for spite

Like you did to me last night


You know just the right things to say Claire

Yeah, you certainly have a way Claire

About you

Don’t wanna be without you

Never gon...

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