She Loved Sundays

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Taking both of my hands in hers she leaned forward

kissing me softly upon my cheek.


'I've had a really lovely day today

I love Sundays


How about you’?


I smiled a broad beaming agreement

Lying should never be easy

I'd never found it difficult, but then I was well practised.


I had always agreed.



I had always agreed.

clean was dirty and that love was never germ free.

I'd agree that late was early or cold was hot.

It was so easy to agree,

agree, and agree.

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<Deleted User> (7164)

Wed 30th Jun 2010 09:13

Hi Gus, just doing a bit of reading and came across this. It reflects life and the human condition in all its complexity. The things we do eh?
It feels as though there's a little sadness in a moment of reflection. I like it :-)

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Mon 28th Jun 2010 15:46

a good poem Gus, made me think about how each lie dimishes us, you know the subjugation of desire and so on and so forth

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Andy N

Mon 28th Jun 2010 08:13

good to see you back, Gus as always.. haven't seen you in ages either! really like the referenc to love was germ free but this is a good un all round piece wise i think! a

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Sat 26th Jun 2010 19:45

The picture is good but I think it glamorises something that shouldn't be. Reality is never that pretty.

You never checked out our Pandora results - you naughty boy! You missed a lot of good fun and some lovely poetry. x

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 26th Jun 2010 15:55

Nice piece Gus, good to read your work again. I like her eyes too.

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Gus Jonsson

Sat 26th Jun 2010 15:15

Lovely to hear from you too ...ya little minx of passion.... it's the hot weather we are having here... it never fails to bring me out... in hives usually... but there ya go.

Hope u r well!


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Sat 26th Jun 2010 15:12

So happy to see you back Gus!
Mmmm... And I would have to agree... Still in proper form ; )


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