Waiting for 'Big'

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Crazy feeling

I’m still alive kicking up a storm

Crash bang bitch talk

Yes oh yes

The sort of talk that I like when I have a mind

Don’t you know?


Like you didn’t know


Lay me like a blade cold as chrome

Crawdaddy kisses down my spine

They burn like ice


Mind and eye filling

Spilling over and over with stingsong

The gone wrong too long in the tooth song

Where firedance dreams spin all ways evertime



Zephyr blue and playing me fours ways to five

So cool

Just waiting for ‘Big’ lazing on the wind



This is just the beginning

Laying her into my skin wearing her like love

Playing her like quickfire silver fish

Sinning heat blazing afire in my bed

Searing this lay lovely back to nowhere

Closing her soul bright candle flame eyes

Moist pink her lips whisper picaresque


Don’t you know?

Oh yes

For sure you know.


It’s just ‘Big’ playing the moon

Bone chilled chatter cold enough to shatter

Curling feathers that alight upon her window pane






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Wave Over Wave (To the memory of a very good friend of mine that I never met) ►


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Gus Jonsson

Thu 23rd Dec 2010 19:43

Thank you very much gentlemen for your gracious comments... As for a lyric...well tis the season

Once again many thanks


darren thomas

Thu 23rd Dec 2010 08:12

For some strange reason, when I read this I read it in the voice of Barry White. Like those words he often speaks softly in the opening few bars... you could add songwriting to your many talents Mister J.

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Paul F Blackburn

Wed 22nd Dec 2010 09:16

I dig it daddio - real cool

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Andy N

Wed 22nd Dec 2010 08:03

seems a change in gears for you, gus but i like it a lot and it has a cracking last stanza too...

happy christmas m8

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