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The Plate and the Spoon (FREEDOM)

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Oh! How I wish

 Said the plate to the spoon

As side by side they lay

That I could be given freedom

From bearing food

For just for one whole day


I carry their cake

Their bread and their tart

And To them it doesn’t matter

That me a little platter

Should have feelings

Of the heart


Oh! Hush you now

Sighed the silver spoon

Be still and I will set you free

Praise the Lord that you’re not a cup

Infused brown by Oolong tea


Better a plate

Than a carving knife

Or the tines of the stabbing fork

With its endless pickle pricking

Green peas and noodles sticking

Twixt the crackling and dripping pork


Oh! How I wish  

Cried loud the plate

That I could be where the wild wind blows

Beside the lake where woodbine grows

To feel God’s rain upon my face

To disappear and leave no trace


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Gus Jonsson

Fri 15th Oct 2010 16:16

Thank you one and all for your outrageously encouraging comments you are all very kind.

It seems to me that FREEDOM is a catalyst of circumstance, for example the cigarette crying for freedom is at once set ablaze and is extinguished humiliatingly into the stench of the ash tray who in turn cries out to be set free from its foul labour.

Of course not one of them realising that the cigarette smoker desires to cease his or hers odorous habit and be set free ….and so on.

Once again many thanks
Gus xx

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 14th Oct 2010 19:23

I keep coming back to this one. Poor pretentious plate! I identify with her completely! The last verse makes it - obviously! Takes it from a cat and the fiddle parody to something deeper. I like it a lot!

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Dave Carr

Thu 14th Oct 2010 18:05

Good one!
I like this.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 14th Oct 2010 09:57

Oh, the delights of just 'messing around' with wit at your command, jolly imagination and a real point to ponder.

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Thu 14th Oct 2010 08:50

I like the whimsical nature of this Gus - it is very different from your usual stuff. That is the beauty of this themed idea - it gets us all thinking along different tracks.
There is probably a lot of depth to this little tale. The hankering for what we don't have that isn't always good for us. The grass is greener on the other side and all that. How many of us really want to disappear and leave no trace? In my house the dish might get its wish sooner than it liked. Things don't last long with my kids around. x

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Andy N

Thu 14th Oct 2010 08:18

great to see you onboard, gus with this.. as i have told everybody i'll offer comments after the comp, but it's great to see you here.

have you passed this onto ms darling yet.. i reckon this could be her cup of tea!

i have found that drakelow piece (in work).. gonna type it up tonight for you...

<Deleted User> (6034)

Thu 14th Oct 2010 01:13

thank you Gus, you the man!

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Wed 13th Oct 2010 19:48

This is FANTASTIC, Gus!
I love how you have depicted a sort of Nursery Rhyme/Fable with this poem...

Mmmm... I often go 'where the wild wind blows beside the lake' ; )


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