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We Are Missing You

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We Are Missing You


We are missing you

The cold still air wonders where you are

A bottle of wine, chilling, waiting

Anticipating your salivations

Nipper ever listening

His white coat glistening

Vigilance rewarded

Afforded to his masters voice

We are missing you

 The quiet bedroom wonders where you are

The fleur of Scotland, spread waiting

Anticipating sw...

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Dark Night

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What of you my darling

My dearest one

What of you within the warm shimmer of day

Fey careless heart

God gifted you dark night

For all your errant swirling dreams to sail

Far away across deep forever running seas

Storm and tempest ever

Tossing you upon some far distant shore

To sleep forever and dream amore

What of you my darling

My dearest one


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My Cousin Rosebud

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Razor walking, Quick Street talking, really cutting edge

hedge your bets against that a quick, humdrum, cum moment.

The rattle, tattle, big bang, don’t dillydally,

on your way home moment.


Now, its eyes down for a full lickty spit,

split right down the middle like my cousin Rosebud

a clickity, dickity girl with yesterday in her hair.


Rosebud, who keeps Ec...

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Again and Again

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It hurts again in my head again

Wide asleep into the bright blinding light

Sick of the sight again

Of the long cold night again

Pain an always ever

Never warm in my bed again

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