Life of love

Blood that runs so warm

Beats through my heart so strong

The music that rhythms through my veins

Only beats saying your name


No one so close

No one more near

There is no one I want so dear

As my love you are there


Love finds the way

Through all that comes in its path

To the lone place that it wants to rest

Dear love its your heart


I want nothing more

Than to see your eyes every day

Feel your lips on my own

From morning to dawn

Feeling your touch that no words can say

Holding your hand as the sun sets sail

Seeing what your eyes can see

Feel what you have to deal

Saying words my love has to say


Life of love

Life of happiness

I want to feel as long as I live

Forever as long as I have

Even if there is no happiness left

I know I will always be saved


I love you so much

No words are enough to say

You are the bird that flies my sky

Nesting my heart

Living deep within

Where our love lays....


We are here to love dear

Here to share our pain

To feel what we need to bear

You are my reality your are my dream

The star that keeps me sane

You have my heart near

I love you more than anyone in this world dear

Your the love that I have left

To stay alive

Here I am now

Living now in my life of love ......




◄ When my life was dark

Love for you ►


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