No word is enough for you

Some gifts that are from God

Blessings that are bestowed upon from above

The essence of my life that still ties my heart to the sole person that bore so much pain

Its you 

The person who never judges any gain

The silence in your love and the innocence of your smile 

Is enough to bring me this far

Your love is the strongest bond 

No other person can love me so dear 

Other than you my ma


The very moment my eyes looks at you

You know my words even before I speak

Your smiles gives me hope and warmth

You are the person I need when I am weak

You knew

When I cried loud and still you never left me apart


Your love knows no condition 

Knows no barriers

Love that took time and years 

For me to understand a part of it all

Your steps were nothing but sacrifices

Each and every one 

For a smile on my face

Forgetting all the pain that you bear my maa


Now where I stand

Is because of you

Nothing is ever enough to say 

To give a thanks for everything you have done 

For saving me from everything that comes in my way

To teach me to walk

To speak and to talk

To know what is good from bad 

To know how to eat and to smile when I am sad

You are the lamp that shines in my heart 

You are no one

But the person that is my universe 

You are my ma

No words are ever enough

For all the love you gave 

Thank you ma thank you so much

For giving me the chance to live 

And see light at the end of life's dark cave

Because no other person can love me so dear 

Other than you my ma...........



-Mothers are the greatest creation of God

◄ Still it beats

Lay my hand on your hand ►


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Hannah Collins

Thu 25th Jan 2018 22:04

Such a beautiful tribute.


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