Murmurs of love

The touch of heaven

A feeling that no one feels alone

Is deep within this heart 

What  can only be adored

All around the world

Only four words that means more 

Is love only that can bring us near 


Whenever darkness looms around 

Fog of cries and rain of suffering spreads beyond

There and there only a hand can give the strength 

To fight all that away

To stand together to find the way around


Yes the words that mean more

Can never be heard but felt so deep 

It knocks deep inside the heart's door

Once and only once a heart cries hard to feel

The murmurs of love that only a longing heart can bear 


There are so many things around

 Only love ties all together as one 

Without love everything we hold dear will be gone

Nothing to hold near

Whenever we meet our fear

The strength so deep and strong

When a whisper of love as a murmur I hear......

◄ White Rose

Forever and Ever ►


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