Down the path of 8 wonderful months

The day when I saw you first 

Never could I imagine I found my love at last 

Being filled with happiness and being alive 

Still I never forget that day 

When your feelings for me finally came to light


We sat on a corner of a pub

So easy but yet so tough

To meet your lips on mine leaving everything else behind

Did you say some words 

That makes my heart beat fast

Yet this is the day I kissed you and only you

Even we were together but both of us were all  alone. ...


Then I held your hands in mine

You lay yours head where it belong 

My hands were there expecting to hear you again

Feeling your softness in every way that before me lay 

Your the beauty of my dream

The queen of my plains

The Oasis of my barren lands 

You love the sweetness of my sky 

Flying like a dove 


I heard you cry

Of all the happiness that made its way to our life 

Thanks princess for your love 

For the most wonderful 8 months of my life 

For making me once again alive ...... 

◄ Lay my hand on your hand

Earthly Treasure ►


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