Anaesthetic Substitute

Drugs.  Addiction –

back by popular demand.

A way to end the boredom,

spoil another day.

Broke.  Aflliction,

living second hand.

Last two quid for the ‘leccy' box

in a load of rusty change.

No!  Distinction,

frustrated as one can.

Can’t entertain all the time

and have constructive ideas.

Beliefs.  Predictions,

all letters in the sand.

Want to know the future now,

instead of walking on.

Life.  Contradictions,

everything is planned.

All on ...

One bad day of the week,

one bad day of the week,

one bad day of the week,

one bad day of the ...

one bad day of ...

one bad day...

one bad ...

one ...




◄ Japan love affair 1990

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Vicki Ayers

Mon 18th Jan 2016 17:57

A true comment on a social affliction in the 90s - I like the way you tale off at the end X

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