There’s a place where I can go and tell my secrets to… (Brian Wilson)

There’s a place where I can go and tell my secrets to… (Brian Wilson)


In a room,

a child not yet a teen,

sits full of good vibrations.

The vinyl stolen from parents

crackles with life,

static and promises of a long summer for all.

Surfboards, so alien to this coast of estuary and mudflats,

yet the glow of California dreams and girls perforates his reality.


Do it again and play the records,

and get around to chasing girls amongst beach promenade chalets

and dunes,

especially the one called Wendy.

Oh! how God can only know the bliss of these moments,

in that room of aural amusements parked well away across from Atlantic USA.

The ’60s is a full decade before his,

or of how he might one day get to visit salt lake city, wherever that was.


His rusty bike in the garage in need of repair

is a little Honda of escape

to the quiet countryside green

in hope of finding and keeping a farmer’s daughter of delights.


Don’t back down from your dreams

is the drive to being alone in a room with your music. 


Now at age 50, in this post-millennium world,

I can agree with Brian, that I just wasn’t made for these new and uncertain times, 


but that sun kissed music will always be with me tonight,

so that I can constantly smile,

alone or not,  in my room with my parent’s records.

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Tue 20th Oct 2020 13:47

Yes. Have written quite a few poems about Fleetwood which are also going to go into my next collection about nostalgia as the music goes hand in hand with it. I spent most of my childhood playing out by the sea or in record shops. My first collection (recently released and now despo trying to raise attention to it) was arranged in a wash cycle of themes, as this felt like the right way to go about it. I guess the nostalgia collection will have to have sections too. Not sure how to go about it as of yet. Need to raise my profile as poet and musician in this tech-dominated world. I tried instagram but made the wring account - I need a creator account I think. I am also indecisive in which blog to create - wix or wordpress as I am struggling with both for what I need them to do.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 20th Oct 2020 12:16

Good to speak. Some time ago, I posted my lyric -
"Take Me Back To Rock And Roll" - and manged to include a
selection of my favourite tracks from back in the day.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 20th Oct 2020 11:34

So many great Beach Boys songs ... Wouldn't It Be Nice is still my favourite, even though it appears now on so many commercials. The joy and innocence of it. Have you written many poems about Fleetwood, too?

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Mon 19th Oct 2020 15:49

You're welcome. I have tried to send this poem to Brian himself on twitter, hoping that he might like it. I wanted to celebrate the beach boys being the soundtrack to my childhood, growing up in Fleetwood by the sea, but we never had surfing etc. I am in process of writing poetry based on famous albums or bands - a lot of rock, but also other genres, as part of a new collection based on nostalgia. Not a fan of this new world order we now live in.

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 19th Oct 2020 15:37

Thank you, David. Conjured up a lot of good memories.

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