Alcohol just gives me a bad head..Mushrooms gave me love and understanding..Bad head? Love and understanding? Bad head? Love and understanding? It's a hard choice..But most people choose the bad head...that's why everyone's so fucking angry and miserable. That's what's wrong with the world.. They tell me love is a drug..and if there is any drug I want to be addicted to it's that one. But love like any drug that expands your consciousness the government illegalises it..Haha Love is NOT allowed!
You the arahant one..Whose heart is free; I have found in you the impermanent and malleable nature of reality. There is no death only the passion of life as it blossoms as it thinks itself into the transience of time. 
You who have possessed me, the slumbering rose, 
in my weary rest. 
My passion in deep murmur. 
Sometimes I think It is my fate to chase you, the open flower, 
in twilight heat who touch and see 
where sun meets sea. 
Coffee ain't a great drug, man. If you want to wake up in the morning I recommend mushrooms and if you're feeling especially tired I recommend some DMT.. 
I was free once..When I was a little ball of energy full of potential...But that don't...matter.
You have nothing to fear. Life is a comedy. You are not the abstracted illusionary bodies you think you are. Your true nature is etheric. You are spiritual beings of love and understanding. You are individuals connected as one consciousness. We are all brothers and sisters expressing the same divinity. As the river merges with the sea the body merges with the light. 
So I was talking to this Cow in his field telepathically through my abstracted vibrational mind and the illusion grew wings and took flight out into the universe and we explored the bright stars and the heavenly pure silence that is God's love together and spoke in moments at a time and the sun never set and it never rose and every now and then the light tricked us back to reality and death lead to immortality and love lead everywhere. 
The most beautiful thing I ever saw was a woman and in her eyes there was the whole universe opening up to me looking into thine idol's eyes I was struck by the force of nature to which I have not recovered and because I was fearful of such feelings shame on me, beautiful is the world for seeing thy spirits truth.

◄ Dawn prayer.

Pséf̱ti̱s. (Short story) ►


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