Eastern Poem.


Eastern peace and eastern stars awake with the clouds. Nirvana. 
Magic Mushrooms. Gods eyes. O beyond time and space, I breath breathless an awakening dream of colourless colours. Timeless the eternal ocean, I lift my eyes to the sky dawning and I float away 
with everything and nothing. 
I dreamed of love, I dreamed myself, and the world was deep. Death did not glance but gave me flowers to weave a bed of endless suns. Heaven, angel light, vibration of the mind. O potential wonders, I dreamed, I dreamed of love, I dreamed myself. The distance between heart and soul, the faint abstract waves rising, I dreamed of love, 
I dreamed myself. 
I dreamed the sea deep, I dreamed the mind eternal. I 
dreamed, I dreamed, I dreamed. . . 

◄ Night.

Violet. (Short story) ►


tony sheridan

Wed 19th Dec 2012 01:37

Love this! Take care, Tony.

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