Smoking the growing red night and is there nothing more but the blue

eyes waiting for the kings return? If only I could butter my blood. I will hunt down their fires

with my longing love and blossom far beyond 

the world. 

Burn like the night as the stars roll with fate. A Christmas card 

through the door. Am I weak? I'm turning into a mouthful of clocks.

 My heart the saint. My soul the God. 

My burden is the night and waiting for the dawn. I am reborn again and again. Divine love.

The Angels must learn always to taste the calm punishment. My visions 

of coffins and visions of wealth! I have the keys to true knowledge.

Jesus asked me 'What is love?'

Shoot an arrow to a lonely cloud and think sweet thoughts twinkling and waking the night bare. Listen carefully for we are falling and we don't even know it! The air is closer to the Devil and the holy moments where I am not afraid and Heaven is a wild seed. Everywhere and everything is profound with a beauty of child-like wonder. My mind wanders and sleeps in the flames where mysteries are endless. Faith a thousand times; put a pillow over me. Poetry and visions! I have nightmares of faith. Let me confess. . . I ride the obscure waves and obsecure talents that make me miss the world. I stare at the chants and think damn my soul let me rise! My charm. I can charm the woods with emerald fires. . . My first love. My only love. My heart is for you.

I am aware that we are not part of this world and the tears of my heart, delicate and mysterious scare me to death.

In those days before I was born I was love. Pure love and full of potential. In Heaven I dreamt of nothing but the dead and dark streets.

What is marriage but a prison of the soul? Falling from a high. If you only knew real love. 

The torment of constant joy is being crushed by the night and the first light being too loud and ships pass by without a kiss. What does the Devil know? He knows how to seduce.

Heartaches of a happy nature. I understand the depths of the abyss.

I will disappear and lose my mind. O my dizzy heart give me strength to look further. I'll laugh at the nightly dreams over the cliffs.

Strange and ugly with bottled secrets. A sky song. What birds are pleasant in a winter afternoon and make everything look strange? How simple is the summer lying down.

I walk around looking for crying eyes ashamed of everything.

Dear God talk to me? I don't know what to say or maybe I lack concern. In the sea where I began I filled the beaches with Heavenly wind and painted with Gods tongue. 

I don't like her eyes when she moves. I just weep. I weep and listen to folk songs. She's beautiful and she echos Gods tongue. O God she moves like the sun and stands still in the warm mist of midday hunger. I have waited a ailing thirst for your tender presence. I am sometimes blind to the soul. Heaven lying in the mud. I will crawl to the green field of Earth and stones and be drunk. A slumber turned sour. Fear in spring and the veins within me like ballads bless me with words of a sacred hope.

The sun in the grass turning like an angel crying out the night.  

◄ In sullen love.

Eastern Poem. ►


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