Naked angel

I would have..


all the love in the world and my heart full of grace. And no ticking

of clocks no time just the eternal ocean washing up against my feet. The

politeness of the mind, an orgy of naked women and contemplating the music

of the wind. Yes yes yes the crazy talk of strangers wide eyed and hopeful and the

dawn listening to my every word! The starry angels around my cock sucking and fucking

sexus nexus plexus fuck fuck fuck. My head in marijuana and the unshaven darknesss of the exiled. My face in endless pussy wet and moaning the supernatural elements of the heavenly moon. All night peace and the wailing of Ginsbergs howl the freedom of On The Road the poetry of Rimbuad. Yes yes yes the holy fool the holy visions the holy cow all animals holy...yes the goddess of my soul forever entwined in me my eternal love.

All the beautiful eyes staring at me with awe and might classical eyes jazz eyes the eyes of st Grace. The drunk rooftops with raining skies and snow of eternal beauty.Snowy mornings snowy afternoons snowy evenings snowy nights. The impulse of midnight mushroom angels Lucy angels the angels of happiness my sweetheart on a string full of love and talking beautiful gibberish. The rivers of romance on my tongue the muddy waters and science a billion years ahead. My naked angel by my side.


◄ Paradise witch.

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Ged Thompson

Mon 7th Oct 2013 01:52

Sounds like a pretty col place to be!

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