Stars of Eros.

The stars under my feet, the white country songs of 
the marble sun morn the western flight in waves and 
white robes and I see the other side with eyes of long 
veils. There in the eastern cave of serene shades the 
musk of Eros lingers in fair springs. O fair maid! O 
little heart! Ever watchful and woeful in the folly of 

I shiver in the starlight. Come, lily dreaming weeping 
in the gentle rhyme of the breeze. The bride of Eros young 
and wild, breasts kissed in golden stars. A flowery nest in 
the passion of the woods. The mortals of magic treasures singing of nature 
have lavish visions beautiful as birth.

O poor fool! Your sighs silent on the sea shore! 
Maidens of attitude! 
I melt into the wine of secret fountains. Alas! Harmony with the 
stars above. O fainting heart! I quiver with hints of rose and blood 
of grace. The heart high in sorrowful mood. My tongue in orchard 
gold. Divine mother. Venus born of beauty! To know all things? The stars 
dreaming on some eternal voice. O wisdom in the starless night! O forest 
green and heaven bright.

◄ Candle burning with a blow.

Aionios Charis by Danny Metcalfe. ►


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