Mirrors eye

A reflection of a state of mind.....


Mirrors eye

Mirror mirror what do I see

reflection of a dead man looking at me

eyes as black as a lump of coal

skin so grey like I have no soul

people tell me that I look well

the mirror says different as I gaze into hell

so mirror mirror why do you lie

make me feel bad as I focus my eyes

I stare at the mirror a stranger I spy

a hundred years old and ready to die

mirror mirror its me again

like a caged lion subdued and tamed

I accept my warped and twisted reflection

“I loathe you mirror” I say with affection.


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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 9th Aug 2018 17:23

My favourite so far..😃

<Deleted User> (19836)

Thu 9th Aug 2018 16:14


Big Sal

Thu 9th Aug 2018 16:06

You just keep pumping 'em out don't you? 💪 Another good one from your way, and enjoyable to read out loud.

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