I love collecting things be it figures or transformers films or comics..Anything that takes me back to those golden years of actually having an imagination where an inanimate piece of plastic could take on the world and the universe beyond!!


Something so new with that new item smell

a sensory experience of which I know well

the excitement the colours the tactile feel

I pick with joy and then crack the seal

I break open the pack with zeal and vigour

to complete a set or get a favourite figure

the price no object as I surf through the masses

piece after piece steams up my glasses

I must get them all nothing can stop me

I get all I want and want all I see

Obsession my drive and collecting my ambition

one after another a never ending mission

I fill up my shelves and every high place

my figures invade every free space

I cannot stop building my collection

good neutral and evil always ready for inspection

I have to buy more I cant break that connection

I buy I sell then move to another section

Hasbro, Marvel, Neca, DC

I cannot stop my compulsive spree.

◄ Mirrors eye

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Big Sal

Fri 10th Aug 2018 14:55

Excellent rhymes and topic Daemon. I used to collect miniature items like cars, plastic birds, etc. Now I mostly collect poems into books that go nowhere except my computer desk. Speaking of which, you should seriously consider compiling your own poems into an anthology - I bet it'd make a great book. I enjoy reading them.👍

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