A short poem today about the beauty of loving someone .



I gaze out and see you

warmth fills my body

starting at my centre then radiating out

my mind swims in joy

you are my angel, my core, my being

as you arrive I am whole

my goddess my shield

you are everything..

◄ Grandad

Genuflect ►


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Daemon Cantrell

Fri 10th Aug 2018 15:28

Thank you Big Sal I enjoy writing them and all the more that you enjoy them! I have had years in turmoil so have a lot inside me to get out. a lot are dark maybe too many but some are on a lighter note I am trying to keep a balance so not to cast a shadow over my poems. I am also enjoying reading yours some amazing work there I am learning a lot of reading many poets here so much talent I swim in the words...Fantastic

Big Sal

Fri 10th Aug 2018 15:04

That's awesome how you put a small forward on each poem to give it its theme. It makes reading them more enjoyable I think, as I get to just enjoy the piece and don't have to make assumptions on the writer's intentions. Some really good poems here.

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