Demon demon

This is a poem about darkness and things that dwell in those places.


Demon, demon



Demon demon what is your name

what do you want? what is your game?

why do you follow me and cause me pain?

you have taken my family and drove me insane

all the torture and voices inside

never to be seen but I know where you hide

where did you come from? Why do you scoff?

My hurt makes you happy like a pig in a trough

I recognise your influence on my life

you cut through my world like a razor sharp knife

I see your shadow I know your there....

Just leave me alone...For once play fair....

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Big Sal

Mon 6th Aug 2018 14:56

Thanks Daemon, and you have some thought-provoking titles yourself here. It's also helpful when you put a preface on these poems to aid in navigation through a writer's labyrinthine thought process, instead of leaving it subjective for people to squabble over meaning. You helpfully put it right before the poem, so any more pieces you put out I'm sure will get the due attention they deserve.

Have a good one.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 4th Aug 2018 13:44


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