Sanity or calamity?

Ok been ill very badly this time so contending with everyday life has been a struggle but a little spark came through today and I was able to write a poem take from it what you will I just feel the lower eshcellon of people in this world  throw away an opportunity to make change in a positive way.


Sanity or calamity?




Knowledge is the key like paper from the wood of a tree

caring is lost on today's human kind

selfish for good and justice is blind

what is the world coming to

where cruelty prevails and hate tips the scales

where is love? Where is compassion?

Why is success derived from oppression?

Each generation loses rights sight

earthquakes and famine looting and riots

so look to the trees and look to natures beauty I

ts still not too late to feel a sense of duty

there are so many in need ignored by governments

the people on high with a money covenant

we the people can change this world

every man every women every boy and girl.

Just because we are poor does not quiet our voice I

f we all rise together if we all make a choice

climates can alter like the changing of a season

rally our cause teach on high a lesson

to reach the people at the highest position t

o alter there thoughts to make the right decision

Knowledge is the key like paper from the wood of a tree

scribe our futures hope not calamity.



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Taylor Crowshaw

Fri 2nd Nov 2018 22:09

Great poem..great to see you posting...?

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Daemon Cantrell

Fri 2nd Nov 2018 20:39

Thanks Big Sal! I will message you some time for sure! Glad you liked the poem.

Big Sal

Fri 2nd Nov 2018 20:32

A lot of untapped emotion in these lines man, it's good to read your stuff again.

If you ever want to talk to someone or vent some shit, feel free to hit up my message box - it is always open. I know how it feels to feel like shit and having no one that will listen.

Keep your head up, and if it helps to write, then by all means keep writing to stay above water. Great poem by the way.

Peace and strength. x

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