Hey guys had a bad few days but hey ho thats mental illness have been trying to decide which poem to put up and stumbled upon this one about how I question my lifes worth and how I want my children to look at life different to the way I do.



Why did you give me life for I am going to die

I see my children's youth through a tear filled eye

I see innocence and hope an unspoilt view

I fear for their future and for what life can do

I project myself to the day of my death

holding my children's hands as I take my last breath

thinking what wisdom I would bestow

I love my family and I want them to know

if this was my last word..... My epitaph

I would want some wit and my children to laugh

telling them that they are perfect and whole

that they are beautiful with pure souls

to never give up and that life can be tough

and if they fall to pick themselves up

to always drink from a full glass

if opportunity calls never let it pass

but most of all to love each other

to stick together sister and brother

I would tell them to smile when they think of their Dad

I will always be watching so do not be sad

I ask again why did you give me life for I am going to die

I realise now life creates life that's the reason why

death is incidental under an eternal sky

to nurture is divine to raise children ready for living

is the most important part of society my gift I am giving.

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Big Sal

Fri 17th Aug 2018 17:22

By far one of the best I've read in a long while. Top-notch sentiment, emotional weight, and even the rhythm and rhyme turn an already beautiful piece into art frozen in time. Always to be remembered when looking back eh Daemon? Excellent job!?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Fri 17th Aug 2018 16:46

Wonderful.. No words ??

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Daemon Cantrell

Fri 17th Aug 2018 13:51

Thanks ! love the rhyme Hugh! And thanks Jane!

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Fri 17th Aug 2018 08:01

To read your poems is a delight,
Your mental illness is there to fight.
Write a new poem every day,
The praise you get will pave the way,
To understand exactly what you have got,
An audience out there to stop the rot.
Who will read your words and help you fight,
Whats happening inside you and help put it right.
Well done

<Deleted User> (19836)

Fri 17th Aug 2018 07:16

Very touching and thought provoking in a variety of ways. Thank you. Jane?

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