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Hymn of a Northern Clime

All hail the Winter Solstice!

The everlasting Sun

Force of Light and Life

Returns to us once more.


O Sun, we trust Thee.

Thou wilt not abandon us

To desolation of shadow

And frozen sleep.

We honour

Your guardians of gloom

The gliding Moon, your Eyes of Night

And Sky Fire.



We celebrate and make merry

With feasting, drin...

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WOL Competition on optimism

Making the Bed

As she heaved the duvet

Billowing over the bed

Words shimmered through her mind –

Like fish flashing in deep waters


The music of pleasing vowels

Slipping song of bubbled pebbles


Something – possibly -  glorious


Thoughts make our words;

Words make our thoughts.

The silly poet strives struggles


For metaphor


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poetry museinspiration

The Big Hill

“Climb with me, Nana.

I want to go to the top.

Nobody else will go.

Imagine the top of the mountain, Nana.

I want to see the world from the top.”


The words struck deep.

And the vinegar in her veins

Became new wine

Strong exhilarating vital

New wine in an old bag.


“Look at the world from here, Nana.


Wow! indeed, Child. Wow! ind...

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WOL Competition on optimism

evolutionary kindergarten

from birth to death

sole goal - survival - food shelter procreation

physical packaging – noses eyes skin size

adaptive to given environments

polar tropical temperate mountains jungles deserts

group isolation for long ages

but erratic climates shifted tectonic plates drifted

peoples migrated

and mixed


through long ages

the strong the crafty c...

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black history month and cultural diversity

Glamorous Exercises


   Low she bends upon her knee

         Trawling fingers

         Through the sea,

         And the waves obey.


Wide she flings her arms to flare

         Butterfly wings

         Upon the air,

         And the winds obey.


Upon her toes stretched ever higher

         She plucks clouds

         From sunset fire,

         And the flam...

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Considering Colour

The types of radiation which make up

The electromagnetic spectrum are -

In ascending order of wavelengths short to long -

Gamma rays, x-rays, ultra violet rays,


Infra-red radiation and radio waves.


Only the Light Spectrum  is humanly visible.

It permits seven basic colours to our underdeveloped eyes -

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet –


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God and Science

O Sweet Confusion

Wisdom is not chronological.


One wasp

hidden in the gentle petals

makes all the blossoms suspect

and much joy is lost.






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love poem

Girl in a Lake


on heavy eyes the full moon cast gilded shadows

swan path shafting seductive to the shore where

she dropped her clothes and entered liquid light

jewelled feet icy lustrous pale arms high uplifted


now wide eyes of unwavering clarity enraptured

dream-wooing  dream-possessed  she sank gleaming

to her knees in the bitter midnight water open palms

thrust upwar...

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Ocean Thoughts



Green radiant

Rippling rocking rolling

Gorges mountains meadows  cliffs

Heaving pushing pounding

Heavy deep




Angry hungry

Rearing frothing snarling

Shoals reefs caves cliffs

Pounding grinding spitting





Silver seamless

Lisping slipping glistening

Clouds crabs fish f...

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Furry purry

Stretching yawning licking

Full of feral secrets

Sniffing sneaking snapping

Silent sly


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The Club Was Caribbean

a flashing view in the washroom mirror

who the hell is that

a plain jane in a neat grey suit

no edges

no lustre

no – LUST

oh my god  it’s me


Lips flame rouged

Shaded lids in saucy shadows

To her breast a crimson rose

And dancing heels with red silk lining

Swaying lithely to silent melody

Tingling with desire to dance

Twirling swirling scarlet skirt


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Let me dance

Let me dance in golden shoes

upon the winds and seas

of Paradise.






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Wembley Woes

courtly choreography

of football ballet

Barcelona teasing

Man United wheezing

English energy


by Spanish skill






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Worshipper of the Moon

age 15

The enchanting  clear light

Of the immortal moon

Captivates my soul and brings me

To my knees.

Arms outstretched to cleanse myself

 In its silver shine

I am flooded with serenity.

But through a shrouded windy night

In this pit of sunken shadow

My being is in turmoil!

Cringing – exultant -

Cowering – triumphant -

Under t...

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the great fallacy

I present my argument:

Justice is a moral issue;

morality is subjective;

therefore -  Justice is subjective.

The Just Person is:

upright righteous fair-minded

‘on the side of the angels’!

unbiased unprejudiced impartial

dispassionate indifferent detached

decisive unchallengeable



With all due reasonableness


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consider my confusion

I cannot conceive the caption ‘escape’

as a coldly critical concept

I am quite incapable of articulating


the conundrum of  ‘escaping’

which must concur conclusively

with a ‘from what’ and a ‘to what’ question

correct me if I quibble

can I qualify curious contentment

at my conscious core

or am I in a vacuum


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Age 13


In the land beyond the sunset lives a maid,

A wondrous maid.

Behind the salmon-streaked horizon

Hides she her perfect form of alabaster white.

In her eyes are the first stars of dusk,

In her glowing hair the sun’s last golden ray,

Bright golden ray.

Her flaming tresses filter through the clouds

That nestle round her milk-white breast.


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Rowing Across Herring Gut in a Purple Boat

wrapped in the mantle of scarlet sun my skiff

and I drifted through the crayola buoys

      bobbing in the dusky harbour

      a strange lavender lily

      with a thinking pistil

watching  the lobster boats thrum slowly up the

      golden-throated river

      single file

like purring birds their bellies full of greeny

      briny bonded claws and


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the perfect word

he raised himself

to see her face

you look – seraphic -

he said

she could not yet speak

she knew

the word was perfect

- gods and angels -

and still

the word whispers

through her mind


Cynthia Buell Thomas

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Trilogy of Heroes

My father was a survival expert:

Deserts, swamps, mountains,  jungles.

Hunger and thirst were trials inflicted

To toughen up his men for the real thing.

His signature line was:

The bugs will get you faster than the bullets!

Dad’s harsh regime saved many lives

In World War II combat arenas.

My father was my hero.

During the war

My mother bore h...

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mental illnessfamily

Tiny Talk

This morning I heard a very loud bird

   Chirrup!  Chee!  Chee! 

   at half-past three.


I wanted to sleep but just couldn't keep

   out the noise

   of that cheer-i-o voice.


Then I had to admit (in spite of my snit)

   that the damn perky bird

   would have the last word.


So I settled my ire and began to admire

   such insistance to share


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in the crepuscular wash of sodden November

ambiguous buildings in damp lethargy

lean over militant shoulders

umbrella bonneted

cast eyes glare pavement blinded

pragmatic heels bark through pools

dogged determination

crammed trams and insular buses

wheels hissing


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Poets possess passion

to pierce the superficial

with personal words –

seeking circles to soften angles –

surprised by insights

astonished by analogies –

ideas demanding expression

with lame skills -

to make

the invisible seeable

the intangible touchable

the soundless heard

the ineffable spoken.

Poets know -

experience is universal

a ...

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the Ultimate Vole

ALL is relative –





the force of the event

paces our destiny -

fate -

mighty feat of  the heart

to emit energy

that we may live beyond evil -

(guilty gods and devouring dogs )

that Love may take the Vole

in the game

of Universal Chaos.




Cynthia Buell Thomas

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The Dream-footer


It was a spring-loving day.


So early the sun shone deeply warm.


Across the fields an easy wind sighed

Fragrant with cherry blossoms.


Her bare feet disturbed light eddies of dust.


Around her thick long hair a red sash glowed.

She felt very beautiful.


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Apple Blossom Song

She went to gather apple blooms all in the month of May,

An eager child who dearly loved a warm and sunny day -

                    an eager child who dearly loved

                                     a warm and sunny day.

Quite unaware of noise and dust that thinly filled the air

She skipped along the gravel path without a thought or care -


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The moon weeps

The moon weeps on my windowsill

Like an elegant woman

Trailing white-gloved fingers

Across my swollen eyes.

Through ashen tears

Shadows wash together

And the hard night


Cynthia Buell Thomas

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Heat Wave

One lovely cool night in the ovens of August, Mum said,

‘Children, sleep in tomorrow. The heat’s drained us all.’

Oh, joy and excitement!  Not to get up at seven!

The richness of privilege when you weren’t even sick!


We went to bed early, my sisters and I, and giggled for

hours,  milking the marrow of : You can sleep late.

But Nan, who was two, dropped off like a s...

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Would you care for tea? (for Elaine)

‘Would you care for tea?’

‘Yes, please.’

‘What kind of tea do you like?’

- and the cupboard swung open …..

shelves of orderly boxes and cans

a canvas of  colour and lyrical scents -

‘Black tea, red tea

green tea, white tea?

Citrus tea, berry tea,

apple, mango, peach?

Petals or herbs exotic or common?

Sparkled with spices or flower i...

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