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Dear Katherine

O unwise Katherine Jenkins –

Your lovely face in full screen

A Scaramouche mask

Your red gown bleeding over the stage

Like the entrails of sacrifice -

Over the top, Katherine – O.T.T.


Dancers dominated to cartoon shadows

Choir boys drowned with descant

Slinky slitted ‘Holy Night’

With four stressed tenors

A sad gaffe

Business promotion gone awr...

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Letter to a Friend

Like stars of a dark midnight

The hours we share glow with sweet teasing;

Not the trembling idiocy of an undisciplined heart,

Nor the whipped frenzy of unreliable passion,

But the pleasing consideration of my mind.


I know nothing about you except the baldly obvious.

I have watched you for months,

Observing your vulnerabilities,

Admiring your strengths.


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Thoughts Coupled

sexuality not sensual

gutters out


if sensuality equates sexuality

finesse unplumbed


true intimacy of senses

transcends body


so simple so easy

so rare











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the rustle of reeds

narrow boat purrs along country canal

shirring quiet water

rumples flotilla of ducks and black coots

barely missing lazy feet

washes a moor hen into wet roots

wink of red unmistakable

and the reeds whisper

bending trees sough above the bow

that sighs through purling water


swallows swoop and soar

dark silhouettes

scything the sky

skimming ...

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ah … the mighty ‘id’

those basic instincts

of sex and aggression

instant gratification


impulses unplanned



slips of the tongue

shadows in paintings

subplots in poetry


our  unconscious primal beast


claw flexing   eye fixing

glimpsed in dreams

free association



a breath


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Scanner Soap

Honey, what time do you think you’ll be in?

I want to get to you before the gossip does.

Don’t worry -  I love you.


Ruth, I’m going to be delayed.

I have to stay late – extra work.

I’m really sorry.

                OK, Honey. I’ll see you when I see you.

                Keep it warm.


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conversations overheard ship to shore

Chatting With Ari

Pity is the depth

we feel when bad things happen

to other good folk


Fear we deeply feel

knowing bad things can happen

to good folk like us


Sympathy is the

bonding of pity and fear –

There – but for gods’ grace –


Catharsis is a

beneficial expulsion

from mind … or bowel.


“Have I got it right, mate?”


Cynthia Buell T...

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and so begins the tale


yad remmus enO’

a butterfly lit upon a

,detser dna rewolf

fanning its wings gently.


derrits ria ehT


ezeerb a emaceb

 a wind

a elag  mrots a

a mighty force of

!noitcurtseD dna htaeD




‘yhpargoeg no gnidneped


“STOP, I say, stop this stupid story.


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nonsense comp

Thank you, Horace Walpole

Thank you, Horace Walpole,


‘the happy knack of making

unexpected and delightful discoveries by accident’

(Cassells, Hertfordshire, UK)

‘the faculty of making happy discoveries by accident’

(Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK)


Hmmm – ‘knack’ and  ‘faculty’ -

words of repetition

indicative of a predisposed nature

a pattern of behavio...

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serendipity WOL comp


They think

I am on the outside

looking in

beguiled by questions - scholarship - intellectualism

erecting barriers against the sleeping spirit.

But I say:

What a strange thought.


I live to learn

and learn to live

with understanding

in the constancy of Spirit:

is … was … and shall be ...

There is no sleeping!

And I wonder why they  peer...

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Ten Minutes

I am the oldest of four girls,

And four girls can be a crowd.

Time alone with Mother was the stuff of wishes.

One  morning I awoke early and realized:

My sisters are still asleep!

There was a faint rattle of cutlery.

And Mummy is down in the kitchen by herself!

I slithered out of bed and crept down the stairs

Masterfully negotiating the squeaks

Hardly believi...

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Happy New Year

Greetings to all my inter-stellar friends. Missed my final December post for 2011. I have much to catch up on, like reading WOL poems since November as well as currently.  Looking forward to a productive 2012 for all of us - one day more to live and love - mathematical, yes - but still kinda exciting, mysterious.

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