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I’m Hostage to your memories and haunted

by your actions, I’m broken without your

touch, and maybe I’m sometimes lost. 


Can you teach me to smile, to walk gracefully

without a cry? Can you drain my blood and reset 

my brain? Can you free my soul? 


Can you teach me to love? To hold and to forgive? 

Is this too much to ask? Can I have a new heart? 

This time with tools, screws, and a manual.


Can you turn my blood red? Are you listening to me

Still? Will you come to me when I die? My body is 

cold. Will you hold me and cry? ……At least to say


◄ Haunted By Time



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Fri 21st Jun 2024 02:58

Thank you Keith and others for liking my poem.

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keith jeffries

Wed 22nd May 2024 23:43

A poem of great sentiment written from a heart which yearns for assurances. Intimate and moving in its power.
Thank you for this,

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