From the frying pan into the fire


Seeing a swarm of flies

Seeping the sap of

A hand-deprived

Leaper's fresh wound

A good Samaritan

Disarrayed them with

A hand clap “Twa!” sound

Getting as close as he could

In vain expecting

“A thank you!” gratitude.


“You shouldn't have done that

When the former ones,

Who had their fills, depart

The famished ones come forth

For their part

To siphon my blood

To their hearts delight!”


The upstart incumbent

Closed a curtain

On at the-end-of- the-tunnel

-alluring light

Let alone warrant

The much-touted

Days bright—Democracy


Across the board wealth sharing.


Revolutionary democrats

Who boast “Brave

In a guerrilla fight

We have sent

Tyrants to a grave!”

Serving the people

Opted to forget

So as

From government's coffer

To line up their own pocket.

Tax-comafledged exploitation

Compounded by

Government-sponsored corruption

What is more intimidation

From one's land

Or abode alienation

Exploration aiming

At ethnic cleansing

Bureaucratic logjams

And maladministration

Creating a non stop

Hassle and tension

From fever-pitch

Brewing up

Political tension

To divert attention

Are the tactic

They use

To sustain

Their tenure

And advance

Mal governance.///

humour. politics

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