"2 AM"

2am and I am 
Looking out of a window into the cold dark night
of a day that I hardly remember.
Never knowing if I am truly awake or still dreaming
never seeming to understand the way of things.
The night sings of the unknown, of voices in shadows
and thoughts never formed as they scream out truths 
that no man should ever hear.
I fear those truths beyond any doubt and beyond the world I k...

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The Mind F***er


I sit there. My hands are shaking and my brain is in so many sections....

like a shattered mirror whose pieces never fit quite right anymore...

I never wanted to go into the A&E but he and she said I should else something bad occurs.

I go... bitter and twisted about the experience, but I go.

I sit waiting in the reception. I'm scared and I'm worried about those peopl...

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I'm fourteen years old, and on that day, I never saw that damn rounders bat come my way.

As I fall, they strike... over and over, never relenting, always relentless.

I curl into a ball, trying to keep safe, never working. The blood starts to flow.

The room spins as that fat 15 year old puts the boot into my head. Things go black.

I'm back... they're gone. The cuts and bruises ...

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September 9th, 1991


Once upon a time, there were two boys called Colin and Dale.

One day, to kill the boredom of living in a run down area,

they decided to steal a car. As a punishment, the police rammed them

off the road and into a tree. Colin and Dale ceased to be.

400 armed and angry residents sense the atmosphere changing, barriers arraigning

stopping t...

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The Ballad of Lou Reed

The Ballad of Lou Reed


I can't stand it when we take a Walk on the Wild Side. At least you can Walk and talk it.

I mean, How Do You Think It Feels when Caroline Says that Sally can't Dance?

Charley's Girl has this Crazy Feeling that I Believe in Love.

I guess you can't be the Chooser and the Chosen One.

Her Rock and Roll Heart has to deal with so much of the Street Hassle


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Until the Light Goes Out

So,.... last night, I performed at Until the Light Goes Out for the first time and I left there asking myself one simple question: Why is this show not weekly? seriously!

Michael and Irina put on a show that mixed the best acoustic music with the best poetry and all this in a venue that has the creakiest stairs i've ever climbed. This (like I've mentioned) was the first UTLGO that I've ever per...

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Day One

So.... this is Write Out Loud....

not too shabby lol

sorry, not good at this blogging thing!

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