The Ballad of Lou Reed

The Ballad of Lou Reed


I can't stand it when we take a Walk on the Wild Side. At least you can Walk and talk it.

I mean, How Do You Think It Feels when Caroline Says that Sally can't Dance?

Charley's Girl has this Crazy Feeling that I Believe in Love.

I guess you can't be the Chooser and the Chosen One.

Her Rock and Roll Heart has to deal with so much of the Street Hassle

that she now turns to the Disco Mystic in order to switch on her City Lights.

There are some days when I really do believe in The Power of Positive Drinking, but then I remember that I'm wearing The Blue Mask of Sweet Jane.


Can you please just, Don't talk to me about work.

I had a Busload of Faith but the preacher said to put No Money Down

on our journey to Dirty Blvd where we will sing the September Song

and stand under the Sword of Damocles.

It was a Perfect day when Romeo Had Juliet.

They asked the Adventurer and the NYC Man

“Whats Good”? They said nothing to them.

They just played Hooky Wooky with the Future Farmers of America

as they did the Modern Dance to the song that was played in

the Paranoia Key of E.


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