I'm fourteen years old, and on that day, I never saw that damn rounders bat come my way.

As I fall, they strike... over and over, never relenting, always relentless.

I curl into a ball, trying to keep safe, never working. The blood starts to flow.

The room spins as that fat 15 year old puts the boot into my head. Things go black.

I'm back... they're gone. The cuts and bruises are explained away. Fell while skateboarding I say.

Usually works.

The teachers never noticed. They would rather smoke weed in the staff room and give preferential treatment to more popular kids and never to the ones who actually know more than them.

Phys Ed comes again. I see them smiling, sharing that video clip of the day they nearly killed me.

Columbine thoughts come into my mind. How easy it would have been. After all, there's a reason I wasn't allowed to take exams in science. How many times, that explosion was an accident!

I'm behind the school. Eating sandwiches and drinking Pepsi Max. Then they appear again. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT they chant, over and over. Before I know what's happening, I'm on the floor. Punches to the head rain down.

I'm unconscious. The last thing I remember was the phones... all with cameras recording my fate.

I'm a blue-tooth superstar.

◄ Meadowell

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